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Customised Measurements

RIPE Atlas customised measurements allow hosts and sponsors to conduct measurements on their own network(s) using other probes within the RIPE Atlas network.

Use Customised Measurements To:

  • See whether a system is accessible from a different location
  • Schedule an ongoing ping from several probes to test server efficiency
  • Schedule short-running traceroutes to scope the problem of a particular network outage

Conducting Your Customised Measurements

RIPE Atlas customised measurements are available to RIPE Atlas probe hosts, anchor hosts, sponsors and RIPE NCC members. Learn more about becoming a RIPE Atlas host or a RIPE Atlas sponsor, or the special benefits available to RIPE NCC members.

How it Works:

  1. Earn credits by hosting or sponsoring one or more probes
  2. Pick your destination and customise your measurements
  3. Sit back and see your results

Read the documentation on creating user-defined measurements.

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