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About Measurements

RIPE Atlas measures Internet connectivity and reachability. To do this, it uses hardware devices connected all over the world that conduct the following types of measurements:

  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • HTTP

From the user’s perspective, RIPE Atlas probes and anchors conduct two basic types of measurements: built-in measurements and customised measurements (we call these “user-defined” measurements). Data from the built-in measurements and, for the most part, user-defined measurements is made publicly available. You can learn more about built-in measurements in the documentation section.

Built-in Measurements

The built-in measurements are performed by all probes on a continual basis and are controlled by the RIPE NCC. Built-in measurements include ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL/TLS and (limited) HTTP. We make several Internet maps, tools, and data visualisations available based on the collected data.

User-defined Measurements

RIPE Atlas probe hosts, anchor hosts, sponsors and RIPE NCC members can perform their own user-defined measurements using probes and anchors within the RIPE Atlas network. These customised measurements let users collect data for their own personal use.

Use Customised Measurements To:

  • See whether a system is accessible from a different location
  • Schedule an ongoing ping from several probes to test server efficiency
  • Schedule short-running traceroutes to scope the problem of a particular network outage

Conducting User-defined Measurements

User-defined measurements include ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL/TLS and NTP. Setting up measurements is easy. The measurement creation wizard will lead you through the steps of choosing your measurement type, selecting probes or anchors to conduct your measurement, and set the timing parameters for how often and for how long your measurement will run.

Measurement List

On the measurements page, you can see a list of all scheduled, ongoing and completed measurements, which can be filtered by measurement type, target, protocol type and time period. If you have earned RIPE Atlas credits, either through hosting a probe or some other means, you can also create a new measurement. However, it’s worth checking the list to see whether someone else has already performed the measurement you’re interested in so that you don’t have to use your own credits to repeat it.

Learn More

You can learn more about how to perform your own user-defined measurements in the documentation section.

Don’t have any RIPE Atlas credits? Learn more about becoming a probe host, an anchor host or a RIPE Atlas sponsor, or the special benefits available to RIPE NCC members.

We develop RIPE Atlas in cooperation with the Internet community, and we want to know what you think. Find out how to get in touch.