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RIPE Atlas anchor de-dus-as48821 LatencyMON http compare-v4-v6

LatencyMON is an interactive tool designed to easily visualise and compare multiple latency trends collected by groups of RIPE Atlas probes and anchors. It uses the RIPE Atlas streaming system to update the charts in real time. For more information about LatencyMON, read this RIPE labs article.

The results displayed below are the measurements performed by other anchors towards the anchor you selected. For clarity, only a subset of these have been included and auto-grouped. In order to change the set of anchors involved or the grouping, the controllers on the top left can be used.

You can see the complete measurements towards this target, including measurements made by regular probes, here.

The measurements IDs compared in the visualisation above are: 19733839 (IPv4), 19733845 (IPv6)