Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to measure the activity of just one probe in a measurement?

The idea behind this method is to measure the condition of the target and its relation to the probes, rather than a means to check the status of an individual probe.

If your concern is the performance of a particular probe (or set of probes), you must measure that probe's connectivity against a known target. For these purposes, we recommend the use of a RIPE Atlas Anchor or some other target with a predictable status.

Do you implement any Caching?

In an effort to reduce the load on our servers, the results of status-check requests are cached for 1 minute. So, if you tailor your monitoring software to query this service in intervals < 1 minute, you'll be wasting bandwidth and resources on both sides.

Where can I find more examples for using Status Checks in monitoring systems?

A Github repo is being maintained by the community for examples in different monitoring systems. Feel free to add your own.

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