Base Attributes

A measurement definition contains a few base properties, and a myriad of type-specific options. For example, while all definitions have an af property, only traceroute measurements have a paris property.

Base Properties

These properties are available for all measurement types.

Name Description Default Required? Price Modifier
description The name you give this measurement.   YES  
af The address family. Must be either 4 or 6.   YES  
type The type of measurement you're attempting to create. Must be one of: ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL or NTP.   YES  
resolve_on_probe Set to "true" if you want the probe to resolve your target instead of the RIPE Atlas servers. false    
is_oneoff Set this to "true" to make this measurement a one-off. false   2
start_time Time when when this measurement must start global start_time or now    
stop_time Time when when this measurement must stop global stop_time or never    
interval In normal (not one-off) measurements, this value represents the number of seconds between measurements by a single probe. Note that while interval is defined for each measurement type, the default varies, so check the appropriate section below for the default values. changes with type    
spread Distribution of probes' measurements throughout the interval. More info is [here]( half the interval, maximum 400 seconds    
is_public Make this measurement public, so other people can see the results. true    

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