The format parameter

The format query parameter has multiple uses.

The most basic specifies the output format of the response. Available formats are JSON, JSONP, API, TXT and XML. JSON and JSONP will output their respective formats. The value jsonp can be accompanied by a callback query parameter that holds as value the JavaScript function to be called as callback. The value txt is used for list responses. It is mostly useful for very large responses, as it returns the objects line by line, so the client program can use a partial response directly. The value api forces the response to be a complete HTML page with browsable links. This is also the default format if you type in a URL in a browser. The default for a request coming from any other client is json.

A more advanced use of the format query parameters has the syntax format[<VALUETYPE>]=<OUTPUTTYPE>. Right now, the only value type that we support is datetime. You can specify a datetime output format from values unix, timestamp, json, and iso-8601. The unix and timestamp fields are synonymous and output datetimes as UNIX time stamps (i.e. seconds from epoch). The other options - json and iso-8601 - are also synonymous and will output all datetimes as the human readable ECMA-262 format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:ss.

Please note that right now we output ECMA-262 datetimes implicitly in the UTC timezone.

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