The page and page_size Query Parameters

The page and page_size query parameters are used in conjunction most of the time on requests that return object lists. The query parameter page_size allows you to set the number of objects returned in one page, while page allows you to specify the page number you want to view, based on a specified number or the default page_size of 100.

The APIs use these query parameters themselves to construct links to the next and previous page of any list of objects. For example, if you request the URL:

You'll see that the API returns a next field that contains a link with the query parameters ?page=2.

There are some important things to note when using these query parameters:

  • Values over 500 on the query parameter page_size will be automatically limited to 500.
  • The product of the values page_size and page cannot be more than 20,000. A request higher than this limit will result in an HTTP error. See this page for information on how to overcome this limit.
  • Using the page and page_size parameters is meant to limit the size of the response as a convenience for users. Using many requests with small limits will not speed up (or slow down), the RIPE Atlas APIs. Using many small requests will, however, require more overhead on you network connection in comparison to one big request to RIPE Atlas.

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