Object List Resources

An Object List Resource will return one JSON object. This JSON object holds the fields count, next, previous and 'results. This latter field is an array of JSON objects. Its URL will end with the name of the object type. For example: https://atlas.ripe.net/api/v2/measurements/

The results field will hold an array of objects. Each object contains a field id and a field type that, together, are unique identifiers across all the RIPE Atlas APIs.

You can add query parameters to the URI to filter object properties. You can also use query parameters to add additional fields to the objects, or remove fields from the objects. An example of a filter query parameter is is_oneoff=true, while an example of a query parameter that would reduce the fields is fields=id,country_code=gr.

A Resource that holds a request list will always be paginated. This means that the response to a single request will be broken down into separate responses if the number of objects requested exceeds 500. The details of this pagination are all in the count, next and previous fields of the response. The response has a field count that lists the total number of objects found in RIPE Atlas. This count field will never have a value higher than 20,000.

For more information on this limit and how to get more than 20,000 results, see this tip.


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