Participation Requests

Participation requests allow you to add or remove probes from a measurement that was already created. Its structure is similar to the probes object that is used in the creation request for a measurement. The main difference is that a participation-request object holds an action field, that can have a value remove or add.

The probes object that was included in the creation of the measurement is also present in the Measurement API response as a participation-request object with an action value of add.

The participation requests for a measurement can be obtained in two different ways: by querying the measurements resource with a query parameter to include the participation requests and by querying the participation requests resource directly.

Creating a new participation request for an existing measurement can only be done by making a POST request to the measurements resource directly.

Getting Information about Participation Change Requests

You can include the participation-requests array in a Measurement API request:

As you can see the particiaption-request has its own ID. You can also use that to query the Participation-requests API directly:

Creating a Participation Change Request

Here's a simple example that adds one probe from Russia to a running measurement:

If you added a key with the right permissions you will get the following response:

          'request_ids': [35878]

Please note that the request is actually made by making a POST request to the URI of the measurement involved and then appending /participation-requests/, e.g.

On success it returns the data structure with the list of IDs of change requests created.

It is possible to create multiple changes in a single request

            "action": "add",
            "requested": 1,
            "type": "country",
            "value": "CA"
            "action": "remove",
            "requested": 1,
            "type": "probes",
            "value": "4,103"

Please note that removal requests are only possible with type="probes". The field "value" has to be assigned a list of probes that are supposed to be removed.

Like the probes section of the measurement creation request you can also specify a tags_include or tags_exclude field to further constrain the probes by tag. Read more about it in the probes section of the measurement creation part of this manual.

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