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In The Works

The RIPE Atlas team is working hard to improve our services. Here’s what we’re currently working on:

Current Activities

Measurement Data in Google BigQuery

Data Research

Working with large sets of RIPE Atlas data can be hard:

  • It can take a long time to transfer result data
  • It’s hard to write scripts to analyse this data and they don't always scale to the volume of data that's available in RIPE Atlas
  • Combining RIPE Atlas data with other data sets can be tiresome

We’re investigating how to deliver our data into Google's BigQuery, in addition to the current data flows. The ease of use and processing power available in BigQuery can help address many of these difficulties.

This will help researchers dealing with large volumes of RIPE Atlas data, and also operators who would like to dig into historical results to check or verify observed network issues.

Probe Similarity

Features Research

Finding probes that are similar to others (in terms of their place in network topology) can be useful. It's also handy to find probes that are as different as possible in this respect. Examples include:

  • Which set of probes will provide the user the best diversity in terms of behaviour for the budget that I have
  • How can I replace a particular probe with the one that's the most similar to the original one?
  • How can I replace a particular probe with the one that the is the most similar, but also fits the same constraints as the original probe, e.g. country or AS?
  • How can I select a probe that is really similar to a set of probes that were previously selected?

We're working on adding functionality to address these question.

Enhanced Notifications Control

UI / API Features

You might be interested in receiving a notification when we make updates or changes such as probe events, measurement events or credit line changes. We’re working creating a control panel so that you can manage which notifications that you want to receive, and how you receive them.

Probe Dashboard


We’re working on providing a better user experience for the Probe Dashboard. It currently provides a good overview about a probe’s status and data but there’s much more that you could get out of this dashboard as a host.

Refresh of The User Interface


We're working on a refreshed interface that includes better mobile support and smoother user experience.

Delivering the Website Using a CDN


RIPE Atlas is built, managed and currently served from the RIPE NCC's network.

We’re working on delivering our content using CDN(s) to optimise interaction with the service from physically and topologically remote regions.

Better RIPE IPmap


RIPE IPmap is the RIPE NCC's infrastructure geolocation tool. It relies heavily on RIPE Atlas to enhance its data quality - and also serves as a data set for RIPE Atlas itself as well as for network operators and researchers.

We are working on various aspects of this service, including API and UI enhancements and more geolocation "engines".

Improvements on Handling Probe Anomalies

Operations / Internal

With over 10,000 probes, we see several kinds of anomalies such as:

  • Connecting probes
  • Data collected and reported by probes
  • Network anomalies
  • Hacking or abuse attempts

We're working on functionality to deal with these anomalies flexibly by aggregating probe behaviour across probes, regions, hosts etc. to detect what's normal and what's abnormal when it comes down to day-to-day handling of probes.

Upgrading v2 Anchors

Operations / Internal

The v2 (Soekris) anchors are reaching their end of life; and need to be upgraded or replaced. We are working on upgrading these to a newer generation hardware, or in some cases to a VM anchor.

Operations / Internal

We're working on procedures and supporting functions to handle our logistics and partnerships. We expect to implement features and subsystems that map better to the use cases we have at hand.

More Efficient Traceroute Measurements


The current implementation has a number of compromises we had to accept when we first implemented this feature. We want to make traceroute measurements faster and more flexible.

Next Generation Hardware Probe


We are in the process of evaluating an alternative, more suitable hardware platform to provide stability and predictability to our hardware probe supply.

Upcoming Activities

10 Years of RIPE Atlas


RIPE Atlas will celebrate its 10th birthday in November 2020. We're planning various new features, gimmicks and outreach activities to celebrate this. Stay tuned!

New Measurement Types


Our newer probes (v4 and up, including anchors and software probes) have fewer resource constraints. This means that we can try integrating the measurement code with existing libraries, such as the ones around DNS, DNSSEC, TLS, HTTPS, etc.

We intend to explore what kinds of measurements, based on this extended capacity, can be implemented that answer real-life measurement needs of the community.

Simplified Quota Management


There are controls in place to ensure fair resource use, such as a "maximum number of involved probes per measurement" and a "maximum daily spending limit" among others. While these limits can be relaxed upon request, this can be cumbersome.

We intend to simplify the resource usage management to as few controls as possible, while giving you more flexibility, without requiring manual adjustments.

We develop RIPE Atlas in cooperation with the Internet community, and we want to know what you think. Find out how to get in touch.