#RIPE Atlas Probe V3

V3 Probe

If you find this device and are unaware of its purpose, please consider leaving it where it is. This is a RIPE Atlas probe, an active measurement device that someone has volunteered to host in order to help build RIPE Atlas, the largest Internet measurement network ever made. RIPE Atlas can be used by anyone to get real-time information about the Internet's connectivity and reachability.

The probe is managed by the RIPE NCC (opens new window) and it does not provide us with any information whatsoever about the content of websites visited or any other private information about the host's network.

If you send us the 12 letters/numbers printed underneath the bar code (the MAC address of this device), along with a description of where you found the device, to atlas [at] ripe [dot] net, we will try to provide you with some information about how and when this device was installed.


RIPE Atlas v3 probes are modified TP-Link wireless routers that come with a small USB stick for data storage. The wireless function is disabled. More detailed technical specifications are available in the documentation provided by TP-Link (opens new window).

The full text of the declaration of conformity for this device is available in TL-MR3020_V1_User_Guide_1910010551.pdf (opens new window).

We invite you to learn more about RIPE Atlas (opens new window).

The RIPE Atlas team

Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 July 2022