# REST API Manual

# The Base URL

The base URL of all calls to the RIPE Atlas APIs for this particular version is https://atlas.ripe.net/api/v2/. You can append the name of the object type you want information from to form a URL. For example: https://atlas.ripe.net/api/v2/measurements/

A URL that contains information about one object or a series of objects is called a Resource.

Note that the API is only served over TLS (HTTPS URLs)

The object part of the URL should be plural and lower case. For example: measurements and probes.

# About API versioning

The APIs use semantic versioning (opens new window) from version 2 onward. This means that we will:

  • Update the patch version (2.0.x) whenever we fix bugs in the API
  • Update the minor version (2.x.0) whenever we extend an API without breaking backwards compatibility.
  • Update the major version (x.0.0) whenever we make backward-incompatible changes

After updates for the patch and minor versions, previous versions will no longer be available. After an update of the major version, the previous API will be still available. Only the major version number is mentioned in the base URL.

# Example

An example of a valid URL looks like this:

GET /api/v2/measurements?page_size=3

As you can see, the API returned a list of three measurements.

# Rate limiting

The APIs have rate limiting applied and the measurement API in particular has stricter limits. These limits are applied such that normal (non-excessive) use is not affected.

If a user is sending too many queries, the system will respond with the 429 (Too Many Requests) response code. In this case the query can be retried some seconds or minutes later.

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