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RIPE Atlas Public Roadmap

Last update: 2020-07-14

While developing RIPE Atlas, we maintain and publish a roadmap to keep the RIPE community involved and informed of the features we are working on, and to gather feedback about what features you'd find most useful.

These items have recently been implemented.

Created Topic Description
2014-10-14 Traceroute visualisation Rel. 1

Improve visualisation of traceroute measurements

2014-12-31 Credits API

Develop credits API for querying current and historical status and to make transfers

2014-12-31 Reflect ASNs in traceroute measurements results

ASN is shown for every hop in the traceroute measurement results.

2014-12-31 Anycast measurements

Implement visualisation of the root name servers anycast measurements for user-defined measurements towards anycasted targets.

2015-01-06 Additional features for RIPE Atlas anchors

Implement some of the features requested by RIPE Atlas anchor hosts, such as more prominent visualisation of anchoring measurements and more graphical visualisations

2015-01-06 Cloning of previous measurements

Enable copying of existing measurements using the same set of probes and settings.

2015-01-06 Tagging of measurements

Allow users to create their own groups of measurements for viewing, downloading, and using in status checks.

2015-01-06 DomainMON (Domain checks)

Enable DNS measurements for second- and third-level domain names for all RIPE Atlas users with a DNSMON-like visualisation. Learn more.

2015-01-06 Improve reporting when probe disconnects

Record/report the reason the probe disconnected

2015-01-06 WiFi Measurements

Add a new measurement type: connect to a WiFi network, authenticate and test connectivity. This may be useful for hotspots and federated networks.

2015-01-06 Provide additional information to the probe owner about the probe

After analysis of measurements, results will be added to a comments page for the specified probe. This helps the hosts to identify issues and fix them.

2015-06-25 Discuss "virtual probes" with the community

While installing probes software on the virtual machines is technically possible, more guidance is needed from the community about choice of technology, limitations and possible consequences on RIPE Atlas systems. Read more on RIPE Labs.

We have published our plan of action in December 2017.

2015-09-03 More flexible data streaming queries

This update means users can now be more selective when querying the data streaming. For example, users can now get results for measurements of a specific type (e.g. ping), performed by a specific probe, or generated by or targeting a specific address/prefix (e.g. receive all results for measurements towards your own network, or all results collected by your own probe).

2015-11-10 LatencyMon

Introducing LatencyMON, a web application that easily visualises and compares multiple latency trends collected by groups of RIPE Atlas probes. Read more on RIPE Labs

2015-11-10 Probe distribution criteria 2016

Fine-tuning and clarification of probe distribution criteria, in order to achieve the goals of: greater topological diversity, geographical coverage, fairness - with community support.

2015-11-23 Add more traceroute measurements for topology discovery

Add regular built-in traceroute measurements towards "random" destinations.

2016-03-31 Give credits for the amount of results probes delivered

For each probe, we could give 1 credit per result delivered, in addition to the uptime. HBase already has separate udm/builtin counters per probe, so the scheme would be very similar to UDM billing: the system needs to remember the last counter value, and credit the difference.

This is just an idea for the moment, it needs some sanity checking, like how much this wold actually be for an average (or non-average) probe or anchor. I'd say only hosts get this, sponsors wouldn't.

Note: since a measurement costs 10 credits or more, hosts cannot make money by scheduling measurements on their own probes.

The RIPE NCC is currently working to implement these items.

Created Topic Description
2014-08-22 Anchors API

RIPE Atlas users will be able to use an API to retrieve the list of RIPE Atlas anchors and their associated measurements.

2014-09-24 Allow in-Atlas Messages to be sent as emails

Allow Atlas Messages to be linked to an email template and send out that email if the user has opted-in to receive emails or severity of the message is high enough.

2014-10-06 Regularly publish IP annotations

Every 24 hours, collect all IP addresses used in measurements, results, netnames, geolocations, and announcing AS, and publish this data in bulk and through the API, indexed by IP.

2014-10-07 Probes deployment map improvements

Comparing probe deployment density with GDP, number of networks, population density, etc.

2016-01-28 Add TLS as a transport for DNS measurement

For privacy, people want to send DNS requests over TLS from the stub resolver to the resursive resolver.

Add code to measure this.

These items are scheduled for implementation in the foreseeable future. In some cases these plans will first be discussed with the membership and/or community before they are actually implemented.

Created Topic Description
2014-03-06 Offer other, existing measurements against the target when refusing to add a new one

There are per user limits that can prevent people from adding new measurements against the same target. In this case, offer a list of the current (public) measurements in a table or some other format.

2014-12-31 Target view

Allow search by target, multiple views on the same target used in different measurements, etc.

2015-01-06 Improve graphs for better public reporting

Timely and accurate reporting of probe status and distribution over time to ensure transparency and accountability to the community.

These items have been requested by members or members of the wider community.
We will investigate the listed requests and discuss them with the membership and/or community and will take action based on the outcome.

Created Topic Description
2012-09-13 Create "measure and report" functions

Users should be able to say "measure X and provide me a (written) report". This could be a one-off measurement or an ongoing one (in which case the report is most likely periodically made and sent, or even archived online for the user).

2014-10-06 Automatically and manually refilling vantage points of existing user-defined measurements

Handle probes dropping out of existing user-defined measurements (for example, by replacing them with new probes that meet the same criteria).

2014-12-31 "SSL watch"

Enable monitoring of user's SSL certificate by building a feature that lets users predefine an expected SSL certificate, and match real world results against this.

2014-12-31 Automatic alarms for DNSMON

Investigate automatic alarms in DNSMON based on RIPE Atlas status checks.

2015-04-09 When a measurement is created by specifying the IDs of the probes that should be used, for probes that are not selected, log and make available to the user why

When a measurement is created by specifying the IDs of the probes that should be used, for probes that are not selected, log and make available to the user why they were not selected. Add these as warnings to the user, if possible.

2016-01-27 Add LLDP support to the probes

This feature has been asked by a number of probe hosts.

2016-11-17 Don't bill for late results

When results come in multiple days after a measurement has been stopped, don't bill for those results.

Older items that have been implemented.

Created Topic Description
2014-04-25 Make a whitelist of "bring it on" destinations

We can have a whitelist of networks that we exclude from target quota management.

2014-08-28 Display messages to users about probe events

Users receive notifications about events related to their probe: firmware update, new tag, errors. Accessible through My Atlas menu/messages.

2014-09-23 NTP measurements

NTP measurements are now available. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a network protocol for clock synchronisation between computer systems. RIPE Atlas probes send NTP requests to one of the NTP servers, and the reply is received as a result together with the time the measurement is done. Based on this, the quality of synchronisation can be measured.

2014-09-25 Probe connection status available via API

Learn more.

2014-10-06 Share my probe with a custom-made group

Allow sharing a probe with a custom-made group of users

2014-10-06 Blacklisting targets

Users need to be able to tag some IPs, prefixes, ASNs as "don't measure".

2014-10-14 Regularly published metadata

Every 24 hours, a snapshot of all probe metadata is published.

2014-10-14 Automatic tagging of probes

Several categories of system tags are added to the probes: connection type, connection speed, IP protocol DNS resolution, etc

2014-10-14 Updated coverage and latency results maps

Large groups of probes are now visually aggregated into donuts, and users can see probe statistics per specific country (e.g. number of active probes, compared to total number). Find out more.

2014-10-14 Improving back-end infrastructure

Enable resilience of current services and scaling for future services.

2014-10-14 Adding new users in DNSMON

Based on the DNS WG guidance, new DNSMON zones were added in 2015. Read more.

2014-10-20 Redoing the navigation structure

Goals of the new menu structure are to: enable users to access public measurements even when not logged in, simplify navigation and introduce dashboard pages for major categories of topics. Read more about it on RIPE Labs.

2014-12-31 "Time Travel"

Get data for a built-in measurement for a specific time.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD "Raw TCP/UDP" measurements"

Enable exchanging TCP or UDP traffic on various ports.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD Software probe

Enable measurements from any device that has RIPE Atlas measurement software installed. The reasons we haven’t enabled this is detailed in the FAQ entry "Why did you choose a hardware solution instead of software?”

2014-12-31 Access to historical built-in measurements

Research community has a need for the bulk downloads of historical built-in measurements.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD Add "trace box" capability

Enable detection of middle boxes by specifying additional traceroute parameters.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD Bandwidth measurements

This is a passive measurement and, as such, is not part of the scope of RIPE Atlas.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD "Netsurf" capability

This is an exotic capability of limited use to the wider community.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD Restarting previous measurements

This has been partially implemented by allowing users to copy parameters of a measurement. We will not implement the capability of starting a stopped measurement with the same measurement ID.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD Measurements to detect BCP38 compliance

While it is technically possible to perform spoofed source measurements, there is a need for more input from the community about limiting the negative consequences of such measurements.

2014-12-31 WITHHELD ECN measurements

This is an exotic capability of limited use to the wider community.

2014-12-31 Provide compressed data

Large amount of measurement results data are offered in compressed format in order to decrease download time and bandwidth. Learn more.

2015-01-06 Sharing credits with colleagues

Enable sharing for the earning and use of credits with colleagues from the same LIR.

2015-01-06 Add IRC as Community channel

Part of the RIPE Atlas community uses IRC as their preferred communication channel. We are considering how to integrate this with our existing communication practices.

2015-01-06 Improved visualisations

Inspired by hackathon results, internet maps performance and usability have improved. Check all hackathon results here.

2015-01-06 WITHHELD Auto-measure "pingable" targets

Enable automatic measurements of targets contained in the "pingable" attribute in route and route6 objects in the RIPE Database

2015-01-06 Live Data Streaming

Make real-time measurement data and live streaming of data visualisations available to RIPE Atlas users. Learn more.

2015-01-06 Generic mesh measurements

Users can create their own mesh measurement between custom-selected probes or per region.

2015-01-06 Latest results API and Sagan

Find out more.

2015-06-22 HTTP measurements

New publicly available measurement type. Learn more.

2015-08-26 New RIPE Atlas logo

Adding new RIPE NCC identity into RIPE Atlas graphics.

2015-08-26 Advanced RIPE Atlas usage webinar

Our one-hour, interactive webinars offer RIPE NCC members the chance to learn about RIPE Atlas, watch live demonstrations and have their questions answered by developers. Learn more.

2015-09-09 "RIPE Atlas tools for operators" hackathon

Second hackathon in 2015 has as a focus making and improving the tools, in cooperation between developers and network operators. Read more about it on RIPE Labs.

2015-11-10 Command Line Interface (CLI) tools

Open-sourcing the command-line client toolset with the community. You can get the code to run, and/or to contribute to, on GitHub. Read more on RIPE Labs.

2015-11-10 Write Wikipedia article about RIPE Atlas

Wikipedia now has an article about RIPE Atlas. Anyone in the community can edit Wikipedia and contribute to the article.