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Get Involved

The RIPE Atlas network is made up of people interested in using real-time data to understand the performance of the Internet - people like you. We hope you'll consider joining us as we continue to build RIPE Atlas into the largest Internet measurement network ever created. Find out more about the different ways you can get involved:

Access RIPE Atlas data

Anyone can access RIPE Atlas Internet traffic maps and other data, which provides situational awareness about the general state of the Internet in real time.

Become a probe host

A probe host is any individual who plugs in a registered probe and, in doing so, becomes part of the RIPE Atlas network. Hosts do not have to be members of the RIPE NCC, but they will need to create a RIPE NCC Access account (if they don't already have one) in order to apply for a probe.

The RIPE NCC provides probes free of charge. Anyone interested in hosting a probe can apply online.

Hosts earn credits for the time their probes remain connected, and can redeem these credits for their own customised measurements using other probes throughout the entire RIPE Atlas network.

Learn more about becoming a probe host.

Become an anchor host

RIPE Atlas anchors play an integral role in the RIPE Atlas network. They act as both enhanced probes with greater measurement capacity, as well as cooperating regional measurement targets for surrounding probes. Anchors provide valuable information about the local and regional connectivity and reachability of the Internet.

Learn more about becoming an anchor host.

Become a sponsor

A sponsor is an individual or organisation that provides financial support for RIPE Atlas. Sponsors can choose to distribute probes themselves to whomever they like; they can “adopt” existing probes that are already active in the network; or they can sponsor future probes that the RIPE NCC will distribute.

Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Become an ambassador

An ambassador is someone who helps us distribute probes and expand the RIPE Atlas network so that the entire Internet community can benefit from the data we collect about Internet performance.

Learn more about becoming an ambassador.

Take advantage of RIPE NCC members-only benefits

RIPE NCC members enjoy special features accessible via the LIR Portal, including testing your network's IPv6 reachability and requesting one million credits that can be used to conduct your own customised measurements. RIPE NCC members also receive privileged and early access to the pool of all collected measurements.

Contribute to the tools and software

Software developers have been contributing their code for analysing RIPE Atlas data, making visualisation and other tools and sharing it with the community at this Github repository. We also maintain the collection of links to other related code in this file. Please use, study, rewrite and share your code too!

Take part in the RIPE Atlas community

RIPE Atlas hosts and sponsors can check out the Community page, where the most recent top users, big spenders, new arrivals and sponsors are featured. You can also check out our photo gallery of probes that have travelled the world.

Stay up to date with the latest developments

RIPE Atlas is continually evolving with additional features, expanded functionality and a growing network of probes. You can get all the latest news, or take a look back at past developments, from RIPE Atlas articles published on RIPE Labs.


We want to hear from you. Find out the different ways you can give us your feedback.

We develop RIPE Atlas in cooperation with the Internet community, and we want to know what you think. Find out how to get in touch.