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Become a RIPE Atlas Sponsor

Help us build the world's largest Internet measurement network!

The RIPE NCC welcomes and encourages organisations to become RIPE Atlas sponsors. The financial support we receive from sponsors is used to cover the costs of the RIPE Atlas hardware and distribution of probes. Any organisation that believes in RIPE Atlas' mission and wants to help us build the world's largest Internet measurement network is eligible to become a sponsor. You can find a list of current sponsors on the RIPE Atlas Community page.


  • As a RIPE Atlas sponsor, you will be actively supporting and serving the Internet community. The data collected by the RIPE Atlas network, and the analyses performed by the RIPE NCC, are made available to everyone.
  • You will also enjoy special acknowledgement by the RIPE NCC. Your organisation's logo will be displayed on the RIPE Atlas website and your contribution will be recognised during RIPE Atlas presentations at international meetings and conferences.
  • Sponsors are entitled and encouraged to advertise their involvement and support in the RIPE Atlas development by displaying a sponsor logo on their company or personal websites.
  • Sponsors can also be given credits so they can use the RIPE Atlas network of probes and anchors to perform their own customised measurements and gain valuable information about their own network.

As a sponsor, you can choose to “adopt” existing probes that are already active in the network, or you can choose to distribute the probes yourself to clients, colleagues or friends, in which case you will become a RIPE Atlas "ambassador".

RIPE Atlas sponsorship begins at €1,000.

If you're interested in becoming a RIPE Atlas sponsor, or you have questions, please send an email to

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

RIPE Atlas sponsors must agree to the sponsorship terms and conditions.

We develop RIPE Atlas in cooperation with the Internet community, and we want to know what you think. Find out how to get in touch.