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Memorandum of Understanding

Hosting a RIPE Atlas Anchor Probe

Version 4.0, Updated 31 January 2017

Hosting the RIPE Atlas anchor service using the supplied probe (hereinafter referred to as the “Anchor Probe”) contributes to the expansion of the RIPE Atlas Internet measurement network and enables the anchor probe host (hereinafter referred to as the “Anchor Host”) to benefit from additional benefits of the RIPE Atlas service that are exclusive to Anchor Hosts. The latest version of this document is available at:

By accepting this MoU, the RIPE NCC:

Agrees to provide data collection back-end services and data presentation services as described in the public documentation regarding the RIPE Atlas service, available at:

Agrees to provide best efforts to keep the RIPE Atlas network up and running for at least the duration of the service provided to the Anchor Probe, which is set as the duration of the hardware service contract with the reseller or manufacturer.

Agrees to provide best efforts to deliver value-added services for the Anchor Host in addition to standard RIPE Atlas services. That includes more measurement credits and possibly other additional services.

Agrees to provide the target functionality for anchors, including offering the Anchor Probe as a possible target to RIPE Atlas users.

Agrees to publicly list the Anchor Probe and provide other visualisations, anchoring measurements towards the Anchor Probe as a target, and possibly other additional services.

Agrees to arrange delivery of the Anchor Probe to the Anchor Host in cases where the Anchor Host obtains their Anchor Probe from the RIPE NCC directly. The Anchor Probe will remain the property of the RIPE NCC.

By accepting this MoU, the Anchor Host:

Agrees to adhere to the RIPE Atlas Service Terms and Conditions.

Agrees to purchase the Anchor Probe as specified by the RIPE NCC – unless the Anchor Probe is provided by the RIPE NCC – and install the required software provided by the RIPE NCC so it can function as part of the RIPE Atlas anchor service.

Agrees to maintain the hardware, if purchased by the RIPE NCC, in good condition and return it to the RIPE NCC if the RIPE NCC decides to replace the hardware with different hardware, or if the Anchor Host decides not to use the hardware as a RIPE Atlas anchor.

Agrees to provide proper Internet connectivity, rack space and power supply for the Anchor Probe in order to make it reachable as a target, and in order to make it usable as a RIPE Atlas anchor.

Agrees to communicate with the RIPE NCC about any change in their connection status as an Anchor Host, and about any plans for discontinuing using the hardware as a RIPE Atlas anchor probe.

Agrees, to the best of their ability, to keep the Anchor Probe connected and operational at all times, and provide their best effort to solve problems in case of issues with the hosted Anchor Probe or its anchor software.

Agrees to be responsive to specific emails/requests made by the RIPE NCC. If the Anchor Host is unresponsive for three months, the RIPE NCC may terminate this MoU. Anchor Hosts are considered to be unresponsive if they do not react to a specific email/request made by the RIPE NCC, regardless of whether the Anchor Probe is still connected and operational.

Does not count the RIPE NCC liable for any damage that might be caused by hosting the Anchor Probe.

Honours the right of the RIPE NCC to choose who can or cannot host anchor probes, and who can or cannot have access to the RIPE Atlas service at any given time.

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