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General Information

Id 985
Architecture probev1
Firmware Version 4270
Router Type Draytek 2820
Shared Publicly Yes
User Tags Home NAT
System Tags IPv4 RFC1918 V1

Connection & Traffic

Connected Time
8 years, 9 months


Internet Address None
Prefix None
ASN None


Prefix None
ASN None

Connection Information

Time Connected Percent
Last Week 0.00%
Last Month 0.00%
All Time 101d 16h 56m 3.07%

Connection History (Showing only the last 25)

Connected (UTC) Connected for Disconnected (UTC) Disconnected for
2011-12-02 12:59:32 2d 3h 2m 2011-12-04 16:02:09 8y 291d 7h 7m

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