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Training and Materials

Measurement and Tools Training Course

(covering RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat)

The Measurement and Tools Training Course teaches participating RIPE NCC members about the RIPE NCC's measurement tools, including RIPE Atlas, using practical exercises and examples. It is aimed at LIRs and network operators. The training material, including the slides, exercises and solutions booklets, and additional RIPE Atlas slides, is available to everyone.


This free webinar teaches LIRs how to use RIPE Atlas measurements for network monitoring and troubleshooting, including how to use API calls to create measurements and how to integrate RIPE Atlas vantage points into existing monitoring systems, such as Nagios and Icinga. The webinar is available to RIPE NCC members. Other resources are available to everyone, including the slides used during the webinar, and a recording of a webinar from November 2015.


Want to help us spread the word about RIPE Atlas? Great! Feel free to share this brochure with anyone you think might be interested in learning more about RIPE Atlas. And if you’re interested in helping us distribute RIPE Atlas probes or in giving presentations about RIPE Atlas at conferences, please learn more about becoming a RIPE Atlas ambassador and all the benefits it entails.

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