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Internet Maps

Explore a collection of interactive maps that depict the data continuously received by RIPE Atlas. The various visualisations show where RIPE Atlas probes are located, how they see various targets such as DNS servers, the reachability of fixed targets, and more.

Coverage & Statistics

See details about RIPE Atlas' global reach, including how many RIPE Atlas probes there are in different IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes, Autonomous System Numbers and countries.

Analyses & Use Cases

Find out how the community uses RIPE Atlas to answer questions, study phenomena, troubleshoot issues, and generally obtain a better understanding of the Internet's workings.


Get details about the RIPE Atlas network, including the number of probes and users over time, firmware versions, controllers, and more.

RIPE Atlas Anchors

A list of all current RIPE Atlas anchors, including information specific to each anchor. Find out where anchors have been deployed or learn more about the services they offer.

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