# API Keys

The preferred and most convenient method to authenticate to RIPE Atlas is to use API keys. API keys can be created via the web interface (opens new window) and there is documentation on how to do this. Note that you need a RIPE NCC Access account, which you can create here (opens new window) if you don't already have one.

You can assign permissions to API keys and you can share them with other people. Please keep in mind, though, that the RIPE Atlas keys are intended as secret keys. This means that an API key is the only thing needed to elevate the permissions of an arbitrary program or user to the level given by that particular API key.

The user who created the API key is referred to by RIPE Atlas as the creator of the key. Key permissions can never be greater than those of the creator. This also means that key permissions can be lowered when the creator's permissions are lowered.

API keys can be used used in the RIPE Atlas APIs by including the key in the Authorization header, e.g. with curl:

curl -H "Authorization: Key 1233-3434-4556-565" "https://atlas.ripe.net/api/v2/measurements/"

# Notes

  • A 403 Forbidden error will be returned if:

    • The API key does not provide the required permission
    • The API key does not exist
    • The API key is either not enabled or is outside of the defined valid from to valid to time range
Last Updated: Monday 18 September 2023