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Embedding DNSMON in other pages

It is possible to embed the main DNSMON visualisation in your own web pages. This is useful for including DNSMON in your monitoring.

The code that you need to include in your HTML document is:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    initDNSmon('#dnsmon', {

        // (height and width values are given in number of pixels)
        // minHeight: 400,  // Optional, the widget will take up at least this amount of vertical space
        // maxHeight: 800, // Optional, the widget will take up at most this amount of vertical space -- defaults to the screen height
        // height: 640,  // Optional, *exact* number of pixels to use for the height -- overrides minHeight and maxHeight

        // width: 860,  // Optional, the exact widget width -- 860 is the minimum possible value, and is also the default

        // change: function(params) {   // optional
            // callback whenever the widget state is changed
        // },
        // load: function(params) {   // optional
            // callback when the widget is loaded
        // },
        // autoUpdate: false, // Optional, possible values are true or false
        // grouping: true, // Optional, possible values are true or false
        // fullScreen: false, // Optional, possible values are true or false
        // showFilter: "pls", // Optional, default type of visualisation, possible values are "pls" (packet loss), "rtt" or "relative-rtt"
        // colorRanges: {"rtt":[10, 20], "pls":[10, 20], "relative-rtt":[10, 20]} // Optional, impose a color range for each type of visualisation
        // activeKeys: true, // Optional, allow keyboard interaction
        // activeMouseZoom: true // Optional, allow zooming with the mouse wheel
        // activeGestures: true // Optional, allow selecting parts of the chart with the mouse
        zone: "root",

        // Query for all the servers in a zone
        type: "zone-servers"

        * If you want to visualise all the probes for a particular
        * server, remove 'type' above, and uncomment the following:
        // type: "server-probes",
        // server: "",

        // ipVersion: "both", // Optional, possible values are "both", "4" or "6",
        // isTcp: true, // Optional, if true only tcp results will be shown, otherwise udp,

        // endTime: 1396180800, // Optional, defaults to the latest available data
        // startTime: 1396137600, // Optional, defaults to "defaultTimeWindow" before the end time
        // defaultTimeWindow: "1d" // Optional, amount of time to show by default: integer (seconds), "5h", "1d", "1w", "1m"



<div id='dnsmon' ></div>