# General

# What is RIPE Atlas?

It is the active Internet measurement network from the RIPE NCC. It consists of thousands of measurement probes distributed around the globe. You can read more about all aspects of RIPE Atlas on RIPE Labs (opens new window).

# Why the name "RIPE Atlas"?

We believe RIPE Atlas will enable measurement data about the Internet on a new scale and produce different kinds of maps from this data, such as latency maps, reachability maps, etc.

# What does the number of "probes connected to RIPE Atlas" on the opening page mean?

This is the current number of active, connected probes (within a few minutes of caching) in the RIPE Atlas network. The number generally increases as we expand the network, but small fluctuations are always expected because probes come and go all the time. When we have "events" at our colo partners (network hiccups, servers going down for reboots, etc.), a larger number of probes can get disconnected temporarily. They reconnect eventually, depending on the actual issue, this may take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour or two.

# Is there a mailing list?

Yes! Please subscribe to the RIPE Atlas mailing list for announcements about RIPE Atlas and discussions with other members of the RIPE Atlas community: ripe-atlas@ripe.net. You can subscribe to this list at http://www.ripe.net/mailman/listinfo/ripe-atlas/ (opens new window).

# Where can I find more information?

If your questions aren't answered in the FAQ or on the rest of the website, feel free to contact us at atlas@ripe.net.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 July 2022