# Managing Your Measurements

# How do I use the RIPE Atlas network to perform my own measurements?

You can take advantage of the entire RIPE Atlas network to perform measurements about your own network(s). We call these user-defined measurements (UDMs) and you can find out more about how to set them up in the user-defined measurements documentation.

# How do I stop a user-defined measurement?

You can see a list of your measurements under "My Atlas" and then "Measurements". You can stop one of your active user-defined measurements by clicking the stop button on the "general info" tab of the measurement details page.

# Can I delete a user-defined measurement?

It's not possible to completely delete a user-defined measurement, but you can hide it from your measurements list. To hide a measurement go to the measurements list and select the "mark this as hidden" (eye) icon.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 July 2022