# Probe Source Code

We have several motivations for releasing the source code:

  • We've heard from a number of users that they would be interested in looking at the source code for various reasons, including:
    • A purely technical interest in how RIPE Atlas performs measurements
    • Assessing the methodology and identifying possible systematic errors
    • Security audits
    • Strong principles in favour of using open source
  • We believe that in the long run this helps openness, transparency and security
  • Doing so makes it possible - and encourages the community - to contribute to RIPE Atlas at the core level

We're releasing this source code in good faith. We trust that the users who will explore it will responsibly disclosure any technical flaws or security issues they find, and report these to us first so that we can fix them.

If you do find this code useful and want to fork it, build your own measurement system with it, or in any other way reuse it, please be so kind as to notify us. We are extremely interested in all work in this field and we would like to be aware of others building on our work. Please also give proper credit to the RIPE NCC and RIPE Atlas.

The source code is made available under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (opens new window).

This code compiles only on older versions of Linux, such as Debian Wheezy or CentOS 6. We are working on upgrading to a newer version of Busybox, which should support current Linux versions.

If you have any questions or concerns, or find any bugs or security issues, please contact us at atlas [at] ripe [dot] net.

# Repositories

The source code is available on Github (opens new window). The measurement code is also published on GitHub in a separate repository (opens new window).

We also have tarballs for the following historic versions:

Last Updated: Thursday 4 August 2022